I started Writerpreneur Magazine with the express intention of sharing what I had learnt along the writer’s path, and it has been a labour of love to which I am still loyally committed. The problem with writing about technicalities and theory was that the spiritual, deeper side of art and literature kind of got left out. The writer in me, the stereotypical brooding overthinker, didn’t really have space in an online magazine geared up to helping other writers find inspiration and general advice.

Art in the Shadows was born out of a need to relate some deeper psychological and spiritual meaning, some therapeutic self-help for the conditions that afflict us all at one point or another. Depression, grief, loneliness, boredom, addiction, abuse, self-harm; the list of afflictions associated with the so-called Human Condition, is long and complex, but as I have discovered through my writing and my studies, art and literature can have a powerfully positive and healing influence.

Writerpreneur Magazine will continue as part of the site and can be accessed from the tabs on the front page menu, or from this link:



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