BE WILD BE FREE by Amber Fossey

“Do you ever hear the beasts scratching at the door? They want to be let out, to be wild and free!”

This book encourages us to find the qualities which make us human and to ponder the beauty around us. We are reminded that we don’t need to be dragged down by negative thoughts, and we are encouraged to love ourselves and others through a series of quirky animal drawings, which the author calls her ‘spiritual guides.’


“Tapir did not know that he was endangered. So he rose, snuffled a bit, sniffled a tad, huffled much. At some point he ate a banana. He couldn’t be sure what tomorrow held. But he had survived today! And that was good.”

“Reality is just one way of looking at things.”

“When we grow big, we get flummoxed.”

“Of all the places you can go, your imagination is as great as any.”

“Don’t ever let them tell you magic isn’t real, my love. Those lights they are so far away, but every night they come back just for you.”

“Beasts know the key to survival is to stun every other fucker with the awesome essence of YOU.”

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