Dreams are great, but just sometimes we have to leave some of them behind. That isn’t as depressing as it sounds; it just reflects that in this ever-changing life we have to make some necessary decisions. We will always look back and wonder ‘What if?’ but the trick is to appreciate you made the best decision at the time. My biggest ‘What if?’ was when I had to choose between continuing flying lessons or buying my first flat; I bought the flat and gave up flying. It just seemed the sensible thing to do. Back then. Faced with that decision now I’m fairly sure I would choose a different path, but we rarely get these choices twice. I also wanted to be a dancer; I was right to give that up. The body of a dancer always eluded me and the discipline didn’t go down too well either.

So in honour of the dreams we reluctantly let go of, I decided to draw my dream of being a dancer. It is always important to recognise the part of us that we once believed we could be, whilst also recognising that we just followed a different path; never wrong, just different.

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