WHAT IF? by Eldon Taylor

What If? is a book that challenges your thoughts and beliefs, and encourages you to remove the personal lenses through which you see life. Your preconceived ideas are turned on their head by Taylor, who through thought experiments, breaks down the reasons why you hold onto your beliefs regardless of whether they are relevant or contradictory.

The book is provocative and will challenge you to look differently at the way you form your beliefs; this is absolutely the point though, and self-honesty and awakening to the negative power that your beliefs can generate is eye-opening and transformative.


‘What would it mean to you if you discovered that everything you believed was wrong – and if not everything, then much of it? What then? How much of your life is dictated by beliefs that – if they were false – would dramatically change your life?’

‘Imagine that you’re living in a world of your own self-imposed limitations, and that you’re doing so right now. How many of these self-created walls have you been hypnotised into believing are real? How many ideas have you accepted from the world around you – your peers, the media, and so on – that have become your walls, your barriers?’

‘When do you question even your most deeply held belief? When do you insist that there’s no authority high enough to get you to do certain things or, perhaps, ignore certain things?’


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