The Chinese word ‘Tao’ has various meanings but it has been largely adopted to symbolise ‘the way’ to enlightenment. Taoism (or Daoism) originated in China and emphasises the importance of living in harmony with the Tao, which is considered to be source, pattern and substance of everything in existence. The ‘Three Treasures’, which are compassion, frugality and humility, are the main ethics of Taoism, along with a willingness to surrender to what is, and to practice detachment from all things.

The Tao Te Ching, (The Book of Meaning and Life), a work of Chinese literature by Lao Tzu, is essentially a metaphysical set of concepts which encourage a spiritual life of peace, serenity and compassion, and therefore a life lived in harmony with the universe. Referring to the enlightened as the ‘Man of Calling’ , Lao Tzu states that “He does the non-doing, and thus everything falls into place”, a reference to the Wu wei, the Taoist concept of stilling the mind, letting go of desires, and allowing the universe to flow without trying to affect it.

Based on this, I created my own vision of living the Tao. I’ve always envisioned myself sitting quietly in a boat on a calm stretch of water with the moon shining light over me, all while in the midst of raging seas and stormy skies. It reminds me that no matter what drama is going on in my life, I can still imagine myself in my little boat.

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